Workplace solutions company Lyreco has recently benefited from the installation of Aura Light Apus Pro LED panels throughout its offices.

Lyreco ranks amongst the top worldwide distributors of workplace solutions.

With a UK base in Telford, Lyreco works in 45 countries and stocks more than 10,000 products to businesses online and over the phone.

During a recent refurbishment, the company decided to switch its Head Office fluorescent lighting system to the Aura light Apus Pro LED.

Aura Light worked with Lyreco and installed 454 of its Apus Pro LED panels across the Head Office building.

Peter Gojka, Building Services Manager at Lyreco said, “We discovered that not only was Aura Light local to us in Telford, but they offered a full supply and fit package, which was ideal for our situation.”

Aura Light
Aura Light

He continued: We had 454 of the Apus Pro LED panels fitted, and I am very pleased with the result.

I have had very good feedback from the office staff, as they are now able to dim the lights to a brightness that suits each team, and we have removed the monitor glare generated with the old style lighting.

We have gone from 50kW of office lighting load, down to 13kW, and being a fully fitted, out-of-hours solution, we were able to quickly maximise the savings without disruption to the teams, and we would definitely consider using Aura Light again in the future.

Aura Light installed 29W panels, with a colour temperature of 4500K to 6000K and these help to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The Apus Pro LED is a low profile ceiling grid and display LED solution. The LED panel is used as lighting for standard commercial ceiling grids and is typically used to replace 600mm x 600mm luminaires.

The efficient Apus Pro LED panel light is the best solution for offices, schools and other commercial applications.

The panel is available with either Tridonic or Helvar drivers. The lighting is of a very high quality, with a colour rendering of more than 80 and an initial chromaticity tolerance of a maximum 5 SDCM.

The panel is energy-efficient, has no UV radiation, is lightweight, has over-temperature protection and is shallow, making it suitable for low depth ceilings. It also comes with a five-year warranty.

Aura Light provides lighting that is smart, sustainable, economical, long lasting and is of a high quality.

The lighting solutions enable professional customers to reduce costs, energy consumption and impact on the environment.

Further information is available from Aura Light on 01952 250800 by emailing: