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Reduce your carbon footprint with green energy asset finance solutions

With access to a large panel of lenders in the green energy market we can offer green energy finance which gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your energy-efficient upgrade project with a purpose-built asset finance solution that works for you.

Investing in green energy finance

Whether it be LED lighting or electrical charging points.

We are able to provide you with a finance solution that gives you access to the green energy equipment you need, the payment schedules can be adapted to suit you.

Given the degree of flexibility we can offer, a green energy finance solution means that it can be adapted to your specific investment.

Whether you’re interested in looking at funding just one asset, or you require funding for green energy projects on a much larger scale, we can assist you in building a solution that works for your project.

We are able to offer funding from £2k upwards.

Why choose Asset Finance for your Green Energy upgrade?

  • BALANCED CASH OUTFLOW – Payments related to leasing are spread out over a number of years, hence saving the burden of one-time significant cash payment. This helps you to maintain a steady cash-flow profile.

  • QUALITY ASSETS – It becomes plausible for you to invest in good quality assets as the cost is spread rather than looking for a cheaper alternative due to possible CAPEX restraints and having to pay cash up front.

  • BETTER USAGE OF CAPITAL – If you invest in via the leasing method rather than outright purchase, it releases capital for you to fund other capital needs or to save money for other areas of the business.

  • TAX BENEFIT – Leasing expenses or lease payments are considered as operating expenses and are wholly allowable against tax. This means that the lease payments are deducted from your annual profit before you are taxed.

  • OFF-BALANCE SHEET DEBT – Although lease expenses get the same treatment as that of interest expense, the lease itself is treated differently from debt. Leasing is classified as an off-balance sheet debt and is a business operating expense so it doesn’t appear on balance sheets.

  • BETTER PLANNING – Lease expenses remain constant for the agreed term, protecting you against inflation. This helps you with planning expense or cash outflow when undertaking a budgeting exercise.

If you are interested in how you can gain the multiple benefits of simply spreading the cost of your green energy upgrade, please get in touch.

Education – LED Lighting

In these days of increasingly reduced budgets in the UK education sector, finding the finances to replace outdated equipment such as lighting is becoming ever harder.

Educational establishments of all kinds are looking for alternative practical and cost-effective funding solutions to help them get the funding they so desperately need.

We can facilitate leasing solutions for schools across the whole of the UK to assist you to make improvements or gain access to better equipment.

Funding an upgrade to LED lighting is becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact it saves a school a lot of money from the energy saved.

All of our school operating leases give the greatest compliance, cost-effectiveness and efficiency against today’s school leasing alternatives.

Equally important, every one of our school lease agreements are totally transparent, allowing you to easily see precisely what is happening at any point within the agreed period and at the end of the lease.

Our funding solutions are tailored to fulfil the requirements and administrative processes of every part of the education sector.

All types of educational establishment can benefit from these solutions, including private or state-run schools, colleges, academies and universities.

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