ProcureLED off a range of LED luminaires to provide a lighting solution for any hazardous area lighting applications.

Hazardous Area Lighting

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Hazardous Area Lighting

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Hazardous Area Lighting

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Hazardous Area Lighting

Inspection Lighting

First of all our hazardous area lighting products are UK designed and manufactured, ProcureLED have an exceptional background as the UK leader in LED lighting for safety, with thousands of products currently in service.

We’ve used our expertise to create a new range of Hazardous lighting which delivers first class performance and reliability.

Hazardous lighting gives you safe illumination in areas where conventional lighting products cannot be used, either due to a lack of access for maintenance, safety concerns & other reasons.

Common applications include:

Emergency lighting for escape routes.
Signal lighting for helipads.
Zone 0 lighting for high risk of explosion.
Inspection lighting for enclosed areas.
Outdoor lighting for oil rigs.

ProcureLED are the global leader for Hazardous LED Lighting. Therefore we offer a full range of globally certified luminaires to provide a solution for any application where there is risk of an explosion due to dust or gas.

ProcureLED are UK leaders in LED lighting for security and safety, as a result we have thousands of products currently in service.

We’ve used our expertise to create Hazardous lighting which delivers first class leading performance and sustainability.

ProcureLED luminaires revolutionise the way that Hazardous lighting is installed and maintained.

They offer the most maintenance friendly lighting on the market, allowing much easier access and inspection, and significantly reducing overall resources and certainly cost.

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