ProcureLED Improves Working Environment for TNT Croydon

ProcureLED has been involved in the replacement of a new warehouse lighting scheme at TNT in Croydon.

TNT, otherwise known as ‘The People Network’, offers a wide range of delivery services to people and businesses internationally. ProcureLED’s PerseaLED luminaires were chosen to be installed at the site to reduce energy and improve working conditions.

TNT’s preference to install luminaires with energy saving benefits also encouraged the decision to convert the lighting scheme to LED, where ProcureLED offers improved and a sustainable lighting solution.

ProcureLED’s introduction of the PerseaLED was to provide a modern, energy efficient replacement for 400W high pressure sodium and metal halide high-bay luminaires at the TNT warehouse. The luminaire has been purposefully designed for applications in industry and warehouses.

Gareth Burge, Operations Manager at TNT Croydon commented “As a depot, we have been requesting new lighting for some time and our previous lighting was dull in colour, making working conditions a potential health and safety hazard.”

“The installation of our replacement lighting was quick and the new lighting has shown a huge improvement in staff morale, particularly to those working night shifts. The automatic sensors of the ProcureLED PerseaLED’s mean they automatically switch off when no movement is detected so making further energy savings in our warehouse,” Burge added.

He continued, “The quality of the images on our internal CCTV system has improved dramatically, giving us a sharper and brighter view of the warehouse. This has made a significant difference in reducing health and safety risks and in averting any security breaches in the depot”.

Available from 100W to 268W, the ProcureLED PerseaLED has an efficiency of up to 141 lumens per circuit watt. The design offers two beam angle options for both wide and narrow light distribution, which can easily be altered if the arrangement of the environment is changed.

The ProcureLED PerseaLED features a highly efficient reflector material and is a maintenance free luminaire to withstand tough environments.